Mission Accomplished

On February 12 I returned to home after completing my round trip to Elmira, NY to collect my mum and move her to our home.  I texted a friend who was following my trip to tell her back safe and sound in Tyler and she sent text, “mission accomplished.”  I thought how appropriate so that is why the title of this post.

My car after snow in Wellsville, NY

This is my SUV that I made the trip.  Steve washed the car before I left on my journey but after 2 days of snow in Wellsville, NY the shiny black was gone.  As my mother and I left Allegany County, we drove across the Southern Tier Expressway which also is called I-86.  Snow was on the roads that morning but once we were south of Cleveland, I was back to my liking.  Clear, dry roads.  YES!  This picture of my car was taken Saturday morning, February 11 near Cleveland, Ohio.

I left home on the morning of February 3 with my first destination of Charlotte,

Betsy and I at the Guardian Building in Downtown Detroit, October 2016

NC to see our friends Colleen Hertel and her son Eric.  I made it to Birmingham, Alabama that night via Interstate 20.  Talks via cellphone to my son Eli and my good friend Betsy, helped make the first part of my trek plus Mark Twain’s Autobiography Volume 1.


On day 2, I made it to Charlotte, NC and stopping at the Billy Graham library where Colleen volunteers every other week.  I was able to meet Rose Adams who was a live in companion for Billy Graham’s mother for several years about 1980.  Miss Rose at the age of 90 still volunteers weekly at the

Miss Rose with my son Eli and Colleen’s son Eric(right of Miss Rose)

library and being with her for several hours allowed me to sit under her wisdom and try to gather as much nuggets as possible.

I left Colleen and Eric’s Sunday morning and continued my voyage north via I-77 to I-81 and in Harrisburg, PA I headed north to Elmira via Route 15 then State Route  14.  I bedded down in Trumansburg, NY that night with Steve’s sister.

I never can be in Elmira, NY without a stop at Mark Twain’s study on Elmira College campus.  My sister Patti accommodated my need for a picture of Mark’s study which I much appreciate.

Mark Twain’s study

My mother joined me in the journey of moving her to our home in Texas on Tuesday February 7.  We headed to the hometown area of Wellsville where we stayed with my mother’s sister Ursula.

Lucie and Ursula in November 2016

On Thursday morning I woke up to the following beautiful scene.  When I show this picture to some friends they say it could be on a Christmas card.

A view from my aunt’s kitchen window.

My mother and I left the state of New York on Friday March 10 and we made it to Cleveland, Ohio.  On day two with my 4 Runner still an anomaly with Texas license plates and covered in salt we traveled though the state of Kentucky, onward to Jackson, Tennessee.

Sunday we completed our journey home for me and my mother’s new abode.  MY mother had had enough of Mark Twain’s autobiography and was ready to listen to even Christmas music.  Christmas not matter what is only December 10 to 26.  Yet  as we passed through Memphis, we, I should say I, sang along with Elvis singing Christmas music (had a CD).

At 530pm, Sunday, March 12, 2017 my mission was accomplished.

Mission Accomplished I made Steve take this picture once home that Sunday evening.













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