Christmas is almost 3 months ago and last night was the first time I had a chance to use the best Christmas present ever.   The best Christmas present ever,  I received from my wonderful husband.  In the past I told Steve that I would never want a fancier sewing machine then my Bernia and the only other sewing machine I would be interested in would be a Singer Featherweight.  Steve made my Christmas and his too (as it is better to give then to receive) by getting me this machine.

Christmas 2016

It is a 1950 machine with the original box, bobbins, etc.   Steve consulted our good friend Carol Faulk who believes if one Featherweight is good 2 are even better as to buying one.  Steve did much research and found mine in Jasper, TX about 2 hours from our home.

I sewed 2 pot holders with my machine so far and I told Steve I may never use my Bernia again.  I decided tonight as I am straight stitching along that I may need to figure out how to have 2 machines set up in my sewing room just incase I need a fancy stitch.  Straight stitching is lovely an my featherweight is so nice and quiet but I may want a zigzag or another fancy stitch at times.

My featherweight is calling so until next post, adios.

PS — The featured image is of the oil derricks in Kilgore, TX lighted up for Christmas.


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