The Year of the Bug

The Year of the Thompson Bug


Merry Christmas to all my dear readers and receivers of my 2016 Christmas card and letter.  Yes, I am the Thompson’s 1973 convertible Volkswagen Bug and that is me holding the off spring of Steve and Kim.  I came into the family when Micah and Eli were babies and I welcomed Hannah 2 years after I was adopted.  I helped raise these 3.  When most kids had sandboxes, they had a convertible VW bug to develop their imaginations.


Hannah is there in my back seat waiting to be chauffeured to the next Thompson event last Christmas.  I remember and it is actually captured on Kodak, when she was in her car seat and her Dad and her would use me to haul the garbage to the transfer station on Rock Cut Road in Syracuse, NY.  Now that she has moved back west of the Mississippi (Yes, Kim got her wish and she is back in Texas) she can drive me whenever she wants.  She could even use me to deliver meals to her Meals on Wheels clients.  Hannah’s official work title is Director of Homebound Services.  She has her mother and father as her roomies at present.

Micah, the one driving me in the picture, is my best friend.  He and I bonded over the last few years but he has gone and left me now. He moved to Denver, to experience the seasons once again and to be able to wear shoes other than flipflops.  I miss him.  I don’t get driven as much as when he was around.

Eli, the one riding shotgun, makes guest appearances here in Tyler, from his home state now of Colorado.  I have not seen him since last Christmas.  No one will take me to Denver to visit him.  The $1000-dollar question of do Micah and Eli share a place in Denver.  Answer is no.

Steve loves driving me about town because I put a smile on his face as we cruise the highways and byways of Tyler.  He does keep me within a short radius of home.  He never drives me to work in Henderson or to see businesses he inspects.   Steve, along with the rest of us Thompsons, are smiling more than ever this year because Steve’s beloved Chicago Cubs won the World Series this fall.  Go Cubs Go!

When it comes to Kim, I just don’t feel the love from her.  She refuses to drive or ride in me now days.  She is so vain and is afraid I might embarrass her by breaking down or not starting after I have done my best in delivering her to her destination. I just need a rest before taking her onward and therefore the reason I won’t start.

I want each of you to know that Steve and Kim are not as ambitious as they look in the picture. They drove and did not climb to Guanella Pass near Georgetown, CO.  Plus, Kim and Micah have eyes behind their shades.  I am not sure why they think the paparazzi is after them or maybe they are just pretending to be secret service agents.   Contact me if you want to see the whites of their eyes.

Merry Christmas to all our dear friends and family.
Merry Christmas to all our dear friends and family.


This is my life as the Thompson’s affectionate Bug.  If any of you visit I will give you a tour of Tyler, with Steve as guide.  Kim will make you walk or ride a bike.

May each of you find joy in the perfect gift from above.

The Thompson Bug


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