As the whole world knows the Chicago Cubs did win the World Series last Wednesday night or should I say early Thursday morning.  The first time in 108 years.  My wonderful husband still is excited that his team finally won.  Micah and Eli both are thankful their dad made them Cubs fans.

Steve and I watched the game in Wellsville, NY as we visited with my Aunt Ursula and my cousin Rod.  A few pictures with journaling of our trip.


The farm where we stayed last Wednesday and Thursday night in Allegany County, NY.

Thursday morning after breakfast Steve and I drove to Alfred, NY.  I graduated from Alfred University and wanted a baseball cap from Alfred to wear back home in Texas.  Steve and I explored The Steinheim (Stone Home).


The Steinheim was built on Alfred University campus in the 1870’s.  The exterior of the home contains over 7000 stones of various samples in the exterior.

This castle building was closed when I attended Alfred.  It was renovated and reopened in the 1990’s to become a museum and career development center.  Please note the large stones at the top of each merlon.


The2017 Ford Explorer we rented.

This is the car that Steve and I drove about for our weekend back in the Southern Tier.  We surprised our kids at the airport when we picked them up on Friday.  They thought we would have them crowd into a Nissan Sentra or a Hyundai.


The Salt Rising Bread end cap at the Giant Food Mart in Wellsville.

Salt rising bread is very unique to my home town area.  We had to pick some of this bread up to take home to Texas and Denver.  A quick search on the internet shows that salt rising bread is made in other parts of the country but for our family it is an Allegany County special.  Here is a description of this delicious bread from a Popular Science article, “Salt rising bread  is a tight-grained, dense yet tender loaf with an unusual aroma that’s usually described as ‘cheesy’.”   My aunt knows our love for this bread and always has a loaf for us to toast for breakfast.


This is the home I grew up today in 2016

When I grew up in this house, there was 2 beautiful maple trees in the front yard.  The trees were still there when my mom sold the home in 1999.  The house looks beautiful today even without the trees.  The birch tree in the side yard was planted by my mother in 1984.  It was a little sapling my mother brought from the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania from property my aunt and uncle owned there.



Me in front of the bell dedicated to my father who died in 1973

This bell sits in front of the fire department in my hometown of Whitesville.  The bell was from the old fire house and it was made into a memorial for my father in 1974 for he was an active volunteer fireman when he died.  It is Main Street Whitesville behind me.


The church I grew up in from the age of 3.

On Wednesday night, as we drove to my aunts home, Steve and I were able to stop here and see acquaintances who where there for prayer meeting.  The men prayed and I caught up with Donna Munroe.  It was grand.


Saturday morning Nov. 5 at the Coachman Motor Lodge on Pennsylvania Ave. Elmira, NY

Friday afternoon Steve and I picked up our 3 wonderful offspring at the airport.  This picture was outside of room 2 of the motel.


The reason for the visit

My mom on her big day with my sister Patti.  We are getting ready to sing happy birthday to her.  My cousin Tina is partially shown in the picture.















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