A Mother’s Day Blessing

As I approached my third hour of work and I was not a happy camper, I walk through the nurses station to see a man setting these flowers down and asking the unit secretary if Kim Thompson was available.  My face lit up like a light bulb as I realized these flowers were for me.

The card with the flowers read, Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother in the world.  We love you!  Micah, Eli and Hannah (not the exact words but when I find the card I will correct the entry.)

The flower delivery man could tell how overjoyed I was to receive this gift and he peaked around the corner as he waited for the elevator to have another glance of a happy nurse and mother at work.

So my horrible day with 6  patients, now became doable.  Being I was running between two hallways to care for my patients, I left the flowers perched at the nurses station where everyone could see them.  My one patient saw them and found out they were mine and the next time he went into his room, he mentioned the nice flowers I received.

Thanks to my three children, knowing how to make their mommy’s day by sending flowers to work, I was no longer a grumpy nurse who was over burdened.  Due to all the happy endorphins floating through my blood stream, I was all smiles, willing to help others if possible and a burdensome day became durable.  My coworkers were blessed because I did not snap at them when they called to tell me something.

Thank you Micah, Eli and Hannah for being so wonderful and blessing me this Mother’s Day.



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