Last Saturday, Steve and I went to Ye Olde City Flea Market and Mall.  I was looking for vintage post cards and that is the reason for our stop.  One of the booths has numerous vintage post cards.

While browsing the various merchandise we came across this kitchen cabinet.


The name plate at the top says Neatette.  Steve thought the slide out counter area was cool and I fell in love with the Art Deco glass doors.  I have an obsession with Art Deco at this time in my life due to the People’s Petroleum Building in Downtown Tyler.   Will save that building for another post.

Steve returned home from our trip to look up Neatette.  Google and Bind disappointed us because minimal information and nothing on Wikipedia.  Several were for sale and one even showed an egg holder on one of the shelves.   Steve found this blog post from 2005.

What we have discovered so far is that they were made in England in the 1950’s and 60’s.  We are curious as to what part of England they were made and background of the company.   We have not had the opportunity yet to interrogate our neighbor who is from England to see if he ever heard of the company.

Our request is for any information you may have about these unique cabinets.  Please leave comment if you have any information about Neatette including if you have one yourself or pictures of one.  Thank you for your help.


4 thoughts on “Neatette”

  1. I have a Neatette cupboard very similar to the one you posted. I purchased it 37 years ago. At that time, the dealer said that it was a “Welsh” cupboard but was sure as I have never been able to locate any other info either. The info you have obtained indicates the dealer was probably correct. I would greatly appreciate any additional info should you get it.

  2. I am in Los Angeles and have one almost identical to yours but the glass above is clear. I am looking to sell it, as we are downsizing. Anyone interested?

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