The featured image was taken on the morning of Liz’s wedding by Rebecca Lugthart of Luminova Studios.  Liz’s wedding was the reason for our return to the Capital region.   This is the bridal party on Williams Road, where Liz and Sabrina grew up.   The bridal party, left to right, Loren, Sabrina (Liz’s sister), the beautiful bride and our happy Hannah.  A quiet snow fall came to the region early on Saturday morning, blessing Liz with the beautiful back drop for her wedding pictures.

This picture is me, at the Baltimore airport 2 weeks ago, waiting to catch our flight to Albany, New York to share the weekend with Liz Rathbun (I forgot her married name!).  Steve took this picture of me and I just love it because I am wearing my cowboy boots.  These boots are made for walking!  Love the boots, like the bridal party!

Steve and Glenn
Steve and Glenn

Steve and Glenn, the father of the bride, talking at the wedding reception.  Love Glenn’s suspenders!  Steve and Glenn worked together at Ceramaseal in New Lebanon Center, NY in the 1980’s, where they became friends.  Their friendship led to a family friendship which included annual camping trips.

Eli, Micah, Sabrina, Hannah and Elizabeth
Eli, Micah, Sabrina, Hannah and Elizabeth at Watkins Glen State Park

This is a picture taken at Watkins Glen State Park.

A picture taken at the end of  Liz and Andrew Nasman’s reception.  Sabrina with her husband, Triston and daughter Amelia are in the middle. Cathy and Glenn Rathbun (parents of the bride) are at the far right.  For more wedding pictures go to Luminova Studios.

The Rathbuns and Thompsons








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