Chapter 2015

Chapter 2015

Another Thompson Christmas Letter

It is that time of year again that I etch the life of the Thompson’s for each of you to read or not to read which ever you may choose.  If receiving this annual card and letter from us is annoying to you, like a telemarketer call or junk emails, just check below to unsubscribe to this letter and mailing.

You may be wondering does Kim not have anything better to do with her time other than to bore us with sending out the vanity Christmas card and letter.  Could she not go out and clean her pool (already did that today), have leaf therapy (better known as raking leaves and I will do that after subjecting you to this letter), or could she not go and volunteer to help the world become a better place (will do that with Steve tonight) or even go to see the Peanuts movie that is playing.  The answer is no because one of my advisors said I need to send a Christmas letter to amuse you.

The narcissist Christmas card that accompanies this letter is the 5 of us attempting to summit La Plata Peak, near Leadville, Colorado, the first Saturday of September 2015.  We did not hire Sherpas to guarantee our success of this endeavor, who would have prepared us with the appropriate clothing for rain, sleet, high winds, and snow.  If you could see the lower part of our bodies, we were in shorts.  It was freezing!  We had three friends who made this memory with us.   I am not giving out names in order to protect their anonymity in being associated with the Thompson’s.

Now for the five Thompson personalities in the picture. Here is the gossip on them (they have not asked yet to be kept out of the family Christmas letter).

La Plata --Sept. 5, 2015
The 5 of us getting our 2015 Christmas card photo snapped by John Huber, with mountains in background.

In case you could not tell, Steve is the one without sunglasses.  He was not concerned with the paparazzi finding him on La Plata like the rest of us.  When Steve was not climbing or training to climb a high peak in Colorado, he often is found on his electronic device.  Steve and Kim moved to the high tech world of smart phones this year and Steve has taken some great pictures with his phone.  Maybe in his Christmas stocking he will be blessed with a selfie stick in case we cannot drag someone with us to snap a family shot like this one.   He has now worked at Pritchard and Abbott for 10 years and continues to enjoy it.

Me, Kim, I am the one in the yellow wind breaker.  I have dethroned Hannah from being princess this year because that is now my title. Why?  How?  I have princess service enabled by my hubby and son.   If we are in need of an extra vehicle because the weather is not suitable to have a parade and to drive the Bug, I am dropped off and picked up at the front door of the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital when working.  Spoiled!!!  Also I continue with the rebellious spirit and refuse to be part of the normal, social media scene.  People tell me I need to be on that malicious facebook. My response?  I waste a great deal of time already without having it stolen by FB.   Yet I do have my own obsession with my blog where I receive likes from total strangers when I post about my family adventures, including just life.  Nothing beats my obsession with my family, now for the rest of the story.

Micah, long hair, backward baseball cap, continues to be the Western Hemisphere traveler, returning from Costa Rica in late May and soon to leave for South America (mid-January 2016).  He receives the selfless award of the family for 2015 as he sacrificed his warm vest to Hannah to further the cause of this picture.

As for Eli (yellow sunglasses), we descended on him that first week of September for a family vacation.  When not entertaining us he works for an evil oil company in Denver and loves it.  His atonement for making a living from the hated fossil fuel industry is done at his local church, educating the next generation on loving thy neighbor as thy self.

My darling, Hannah (front row with vest). She has now joined the family multi- generational business of being a Syracuse University graduate.  The lineage includes her paternal grandparents, father and brothers.  She continues to live and work in Syracuse.  Oh, how I wish she would return west of the Mississippi.

My wish for each of you is to know a heart full of love is sent with this greeting.   Lovingly, Kim and Steve




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