Meet Chadwick

Chadwick sits outside our public library greeting people as they come to and fro.  I make visits to the library every week or two to replenish my books on tapes.  I love books on tapes because they make a car trip whether long or short more enjoyable.

Recent books I have enjoyed were The Man Who Save the Union.  This was a biography about Ulysses S. Grant and it was Steve’s and my entertainment as we traveled back to Upstate New York this summer.   We did skip some of the slower moving aspects of the story yet we did listen to about 22 hours of the 26.

Another book on tape which Steve borrowed from the Henderson Public library was Summer of 1927  by Bill Bryson.  May of 1927 was when Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic and landed in Paris and this is where the book begins.  Bryson, weaves the whole book about the history the surrounds the summer months of 1927.  The story provides a great historical back drop for US history and enabled me to understand Henry Ford and his son for my visit to Detroit early in October.

I just wanted you to meet Chadwick and to write about my listening material.



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