Journey To The Motherland

July 2015 road trip
Steve with Chautauqua Lake in the background.

A month ago Steve and I set out from our home in Texas for a 1500 mile road trip back to the Southern Tier of Upstate New York.  We arrived in Wellsville, New York on Thursday evening July 23rd.  This picture is of Steve at the Chautauqua Lake rest stop on route 86 as we entered the motherland.The header picture is at my Aunt Ursala and cousin Rod’s farm where we stayed for our time in Wellsville.   I love having time to see my aunt and cousin when we visit back in my home town area.

Nyhl and Linda with their family.
Nyhl and Linda with their family.
Linda and Kim
Here I am with Linda, the bride of 50 years

The impetus for the return to the motherland and to the area, I,  Kim grew up was Nyhl and Linda Austin’s 50th wedding anniversary open house.  Linda told me about the event in November 2014 including the date propelling Steve and I to put the event on our July 2015 calendar.  Linda was my Home Ec teacher in high school and then I became the babysitter for Daron, Kevin and Sheila during high school and college plus I  just made the Austin’s home a second home for me.

My time is limited so I will just add the other pictures from this trip in a photo gallery with descriptions of people and event in the picture being I have to take cookies to a friend leaving for college in NYC, my nursing profession calling, the blue shirt seen in the picture to the right needs to be washed.  Also for all of you wondering with the shorts I have on in the picture, yes I did pay extra for the holes at the New Vogue Shop in Wellsville.

Aunt Ursala and I.
Aunt Ursala and I.

August 28– Time to add to this post.  This picture is of my Aunt Ursala and I taken in her diningroom of her late 1800 farm-house.  Steve and I both enjoy visiting her.  Aunt Ursala has the family history on display in her living room with pictures.  On both sides of her picture window she had family pictures, including her wedding pictures plus her siblings, pictures of children growing up, her grandchildren, now her great-grand daughter plus nieces and nephews with their family on display.  Pictures that make me smile.

We used the Farm for our headquarters, as Steve and I spent Friday exploring Wellsville and

Steve posing with the cows.
Steve posing with the cows.

Allegany County.  Our exploration took us to  Cuba, NY.  Steve had on his agenda going to Cuba Cheese and that is where this picture is taken.  I passed in having my picture taken next to him, even though someone offered, to snap a picture of the two of us.

While in Cuba, we traveled to CR 50 to locate a historical marker telling about the Seneca Oil Spring.  Steve discovered this information as he was investigating the Cuba Cheese website.  We found the New York State historical marker and from there we moved to the actual site of the oil spring marked by this plaque.

The plaque at the site of the Seneca Oil spring near Cuba, NY.
The plaque at the site of the Seneca Oil spring near Cuba, NY.

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