33 Years and Counting

Summer 1985
Samara Beach
Steve and I on the beach one afternoon, Christmas 2014. Samara, Costa Rica

Today, July 17,  marks 33 years I have been married to my wonderful husband,  Steve.  Our wedding took place in Alfred, NY at the Lake Lodge which is affiliated with Alfred State College, and life has been an adventure since this day.Being married to the same man for 33 years, sometimes lets me bestow some wisdom to people married a much shorter time.  This happened recently at work.

A nurse married several years, came up to me and said, “Kim, how long have you been married.”

I responded quickly,  “almost 33 years. ”

I was able to give her some advise I picked up over the years of, “who ever wants bacon, fries it” and “sometimes a couple needs to be happy they are just in the same book, not necessary on the same page.   There are also times, just being in the same library is close enough.”

Steve made my day at work today because he had these beautiful flowers sent to me from the

Flowers Steve sent me to the heart hospital for our anniversary.
Flowers Steve sent me to the heart hospital for our anniversary.

same florist Hannah sent my Mother’s Day flowers.  How to make a woman smile?  Send her flowers at work, where numerous co-workers ooh and ahh over her flowers.  Thank you Stevie!  You are great!

I am so happy Steve is on the journey of marriage with me, we are wandering life together and browsing the same library.

Thanks, Steve

Wedding Newspaper Clipping   Newspaper Clipping text


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