Summer Reading

These are a few of the books on my summer reading list.
These are a few of the books on my summer reading list.

Summer has come and it is time to have a summer reading list.  I am presently reading a biography about Florence Nightingale so that I can learn more about the Woman With The Lamp, and the early days of nursing.  Flo is slow reading yet I am learning a great deal of British history including the Crimean War which occurred from 1853 to 1856.  Before I started Flo I read a book by George MacDonald, called The Curate’s Awakening.  George MacDonald is a British author from the late 1800’s and influenced the writings of C.S. Lewis.

My summer reading is not limited to bond books.  I love books on tape.  As I am out and about running errands, going to work, or on road trips to Dallas books on tape are my entertainment of choice.  I just completed Mark Twain’s, The Prince and the Pauper, which is my first time “reading” the classic.  Jane Eyre is seen in the picture and if I was to listen to that book on tape, it would have made my third time listening to the classic.

The Templar Legacy, by Steve Berry is what is playing in Kim’s car stereo at present.  It is on loan from a friend which is wonderful, because I do not have the worry or concern of returning or renewing it where the wise owl is on guard.  I would have never choosen this book on my own yet I am enjoying it.

So this is my summer reading excursion at present.  I do have to confess, I had to go on a fast from Debbie Macomber books already this summer because they kept me from completing chores, goals and duties.   I will keep her books for air travel as they allow the mind to drift and escape from the agony of flying the wretched skies of any airline except Southwest.  Unfortunately, Southwest does not fly to some of our destinations, therefore I will need Debbie’s books.


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