Nacogdoches, Texas

Micah in the gazebo at the Sterne-Hoya House.
Micah in the gazebo at the Sterne-Hoya House.

A favorite place for me to visit is Nacogdoches, TX.  This past Saturday, Steve, Micah and I made a visit to the city.  All of us have been there before but Micah had never been to the  Sterne-Hoya House.  The Sterne- Hoya home is a dogtrot home built in 1830.  Why dogtrot?  The home was built with a large center hall which could be open on both ends to let fresh air circulate to the rooms each side of the entrance hall.  When the doors were open, dogs would trot through the hall way.  We had a tour of the home and from there Steve had us explore the Old Nacogdoches University Building, located at 515 Mound Street.

Visiting historic building is a love of mine and I have dragged our children though numerous historic tours of homes and battle fields.  When we lived in Jamesville the Harriet Tubman Home in Auburn, NY was a place we visited several different times just for the fun of it.  There also was the three hour tour of the William Seward home also in Auburn.  We did that tour only once.




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