Adirondack Window Quilt

This quilt I made in the late 1990’s.  I took several quilt classes at a quilt store in Manlius, New York to make the blocks.  The store is no longer there and unfortunately I can not remember the name.  Steve bought me the book Go Wild With Quilts in May 1997.  He wrote in the cover under this book belongs to stamp: Kim Thompson, Our artistic quilter.  Love- Steve, Micah, Eli and Hannah.  The other book used for this project was by the same author, Margaret Rolfe and it was Go Wild with Quilts, Again.  The Adirondacks are mountains in Upstate New York with a rich history.

This quilt had me studying the sunsets out our kitchen window in Jamesville to get the sky colors. It was a process making this quilt in attempting to have a scenic look.  I nicknamed this quilt “pain in the neck quilt” as it took alot of time to make.   I decided to make this quilt after my fam visited the quilt store and wanted me to make it.


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