March Quilt of the Month

Cadillac Ranch and quilt.
Patio with quilt draped over chair.

If anyone has known me for long, I love sweatshirts and denim.  Not just denim jeans but denim dresses, jackets, shirts, vest, etc.  The homeschooling mom side of me still has a denim jumper, and my kids still like to point out that it is the homeschooling mom that I have a hard time giving up.  What can I say, it is comfortable!  With numerous worn denim jeans, shirts and jumpers from myself and the rest of the fam I decided 2 years ago that a quilt needed to be made again and these are the pictures from the quilt.  We love the Rangers so that what better for the back side then Ranger fleece.  The quilt was given as a gift to a good friend.

Hannah and I did one when we still lived in Jamesville from a previous collection of denim.  That quilt is in the repair pile as some of the squares have come unshown.   Nice thing about denim rag quilts is that if they wear out it is ok, because the quilt allows the life of our denim clothing to be extended


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