Living in a Zoo

Samara, Costa Rica
Post card from Costa Rica
Post card from Costa Rica

Christmas Week 2014, Samara, Costa Rica–It was dawn and in the distance I heard a rooster crow which awakens me .  Then I heard a loud howl and another one.  My first thought was, “is a fight occurring in the neighborhood.”  Cannot be because I heard only the noise of creature, no other party except for the rooster.

I dozed in and out of sleep for the next hour and heard the howling each time I was near consciousness.

In the a.m., when I see Micah, I ask him what the noise was at dawn and he says it is howler monkeys.  Later in the day he points one out to me, which looks so very innocent sauntering in the limbs of the trees.  I was unable to get a picture so a post card had to do.

The Eye Witness Costa Rica Travel Guide says this about the creatures.  The Mantled Howler Monkey weighs up to 10 kg and is the largest Costa Rican primate and the most widespread.  The monkeys are named for the male’s extraordinarily loud and drawn-out throaty roar, emitted at dawn and dusk plus to intimidate interlopers. Its long tail acts as an extra arm for gripping branches.  The howler monkey eats mostly leaves, flowers and fruit and spends most of its day snoozing to digest its low energy source.  It lives in troops of up to 20 monkeys.



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