Little Free Libraries in Tyler, TX

The first time Steve and I heard about Little Free Libraries was from our friends Jack and Regina Clinton who put one up at there home in Jamesville, NY.  Steve has seen them when in New Orleans for work.  We have had an obsession with these little structures.  How excited I was to see one in our neighborhood yesterday and Steve went out after dinner and took the picture that is the featured image for the post.

The other 2 pictures are of the first one I saw here in Tyler at St. Paul Children’s foundation.  The pictures speak for themselves as to who sponsored the Little Free Library at St. Paul Children’s Foundation.   Watch for more postings of the libraries and please visit your local public library.  Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries in Tyler, TX”

  1. What a charming LFL. I’ve joined a group of Stewards on Facebook and enjoy the conversation this week at to what other than books (perhaps hot chocolate, tea, seed packets) one might leave in the small box. I was happy to say that I have put in seed packets and they have been taken. I also try to add a current theme or holiday decoration when ever possible to the outside. This seems especially nice since our library is rather plain. I strongly urge anyone who can come up with a “box” to set one out and fill it with books. Don’t worry how many books you have or don’t have – it will be full in a short time. Yes, happy reading and happy sharing the gifts we love. Keep your eyes open for more cute libraries and enjoy the public one in your community.

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