Texan Returns to the Homeland

Southern Tier, NY– This Texan returned to the homeland, two weeks ago.  The traveler purchased her plane ticket in December not thinking too intently about the weather that might greet her as she moved northward.  In actuality the ticket was purchased as the Texas was packing to head to Costa Rica, where all she would need was flip-flops and bathing suit for a week at the beach.

Upon packing her suitcase on January 24 she made sure she had cuddly undershirts plus a fleece and warm sweater along with slacks.  Oh, yes warm socks were needed too.  Her new LL Bean Town and Country jacket, did what it said it would do and kept her warm as she traveled about the Southern Tier.   Not only did her cowboy boots allow her to walk with arrogance on snow-covered streets and lanes, they kept her feet toasty plus no falls.  If I ever would have known how great cowboy boots would have been in snow, I could have become a cowgirl long before moving to Texas.

I stepped off the plane to be greeted by my wonderful mommy and sister.  My sister, knowing how I love to be warm, had her car running a few minutes before we got into it. Oh, those electronic starts!  I want to say it was winter!  Wind, blowing, temperture at 10 degrees and snow on the ground.

On Friday, the weather look calm.  By calm, no snow forcasted, but cold remained.  My mother and I decided we could start on a expedition to the homeland of Whitesville/Wellsville and we did without incident.  Tex, here was happy to see how well her mother’s car navigated snowcovered roads on the trip. The car with its passengers climbed up Jasper Hill, went by the marsh, did a slow tour of Whitesville and onward to Schrader Road all without an incident.  Tex, here, did not enjoy driving on snow covered roads until snowtires became the norm at the Thompson’s in 1996.  With snowtires, we could travel in all winter weather.

We arrived to see my wonderful Aunt Ursala and my fantastic cousin Rod, who had the drive way (and I mean big driveway)  all clear so that our motor vehicle climbed the steep drive without a problem.  We were blown into Aunt Ursala’s back door like Mary Poppins, satchels and all.  Rod had had the home as warm as ever on this subzero day.

12/2008- Texas Hot
A 10pm stop on December 23 for a Texas Hot before finish this leg of the trip to Aunt Ursala’s and Rod.

After a little time of catching up with everyone it was time for Tex to make a trip to the Texas Hot.  All Allegany county locals, and offspring know that a stop at the Texas Hot is on the agenda, no matter what.  The picture to the left is from a Christmas 2008 journey to the homeland via land and the Texas Hot was on the itinerary.  This Christmas eve eve, Tex and fam  made it to the icon before closing even though  a phone call from the vessel was made to be sure.  So, too on this cold January 30 of this year, the Texas Hot visit was made and Lucie was able to enjoy her Texas Hamburg.  Lucie’s order was a little late due to her waitress made a stop at the New Vogue shop right next door to the Texas Hot.

Tex’s time at the New Vogue was limited due to the delivery of the goods was in demand but she and her high school friend Darla did their best to catch up on 30 years of not seeing each other or staying in contact.  Tex, was too busy chatting with Darla to take in all the wonderful clothing items that the shop has to offer but a future visit was promised.  The ambience of the shop, with it high metal ceiling, wonderful brickwalls, and woodwork is so cozy.  Tex, would have loved to work for Darla for a day, just to experience the shop.  Another time!  But all how Hannah would have loved the shop.

The food was delivered back to Lucie and the rest.  The rest of the day was spent visiting and catching up on the lives of all.  Even Lucie’s good friend Jessie ventured out in the good that evening to see the visitors.

Getting to the sidewalk. Syr.
Walking through the snow.

Good byes were said early Saturday morning and the pilgrims left to return to Elmira.  They returned to Elmira, had dinner out with Patti, Bob and their good friend Joey.  Sundad started the blanket of Linus.  Tex, ventured out twice on Sunday as Linus started covering the area, and Monday morning those boots moved along snow banks, up and down the banks, until snow fell into the tops of her boots.  It was time to find a different route back to Lucie’s apartment.

Tex needs to go to bed but to give all of you cold Northerners, who may venture to read this post, hope that spring is coming.  She leaves this picture of warmer times.

Warmth at the beach
Warmth at the beach



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