February 2015 Quilt of the Month

Sewing area

I decided to make my mother a quilt for her Christmas present last year.  I wanted a simple pattern so I decided on the ZigZag pattern I made 20 years ago for Eli.  The pattern came out of the children’s quilt book, Eight Hands Round by Ann Whitford Paul.  I wanted pictures on the quilt because of my mother’s enjoyment of pictures and the picture shown on this blog, is the protrait from my mother and father’s wedding.

My mother is an avid knitter and she has blessed numerous people over the years with knitted treasures so I decided it was time for me to give her a quilt.  The backside of the quilt is cuddle fabric in a paisley brown, which is as pretty as the front.

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The restaurant in this picture is a Chinese one in Ithaca, NY.  When we were still inhabitants of New York State and lived in Jamesville, NY every several months my mom (she lived in Manlius, NY at that time), Hannah, Eli (both homeschooled then–please don’t tell anyone) and myself would meet my sister Patti in Ithaca, NY.  Ithaca was a convenient almost halfway point.  This Chinese restaurant was the rendezvous point for lunch and chatter.  One day we arrived about 1130 am and where still sitting and talking as the rest of the patron had eaten and moved on to their life.  The whole restaurant was empty and the workers sat next to us to do the green prepation for the Chinese Green bean dish.  This was the hint to us, time to move on.



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