2014 Christmas Letter

2014 Christmas lights
Mt. Elbert
On top of Mt Elbert looking the other direction. The picture with out 2014 Christmas card and letter.

Christmas 2014

A Christmas letter to each of our dear family and friends who we wish we could see in person and not be sending the proverbial Christmas letter. We have the warmest thoughts and reminiscences of times spent with you. We love receiving cards, notes, letters and pictures from many of you. Thank you!

As for the picture that is enclosed with this card and letter….. No, Hannah and Kim have not been vaporized, it is just that our helicopter was not available to drop them in for this photo shoot to join Steve, Micah and Eli on the summit of Mt. Elbert, Colorado. On Steve’s 56th birthday, Micah and Eli took him on a birthday camping trip and climbed to the top of Mt. Elbert. Good friend and trail guide, John Huber led the expedition. Mt. Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado and second highest altitude in the continental US coming in behind Mt. Whitney.   It was 9.5 miles to the top to take this picture, and it took all day on September 20. It is with great expectation that Kim will make the climb sometime in the near future.

Kim opted out of the adventure because they camped the night before the hike. While they were nestled in their cuddly sleeping bags for a cool fall night slumber, Kim was at the Skrivin Hotel in Oklahoma City for a nursing conference. It was not even close to camping!

So other than camp, climb mountains and stay in nice hotels what else did Steve and Kim do this year? Well, we did semi-camp for two months in our home this summer as we redid our kitchen. After 8 years of dreaming, a year of planning, the project came to fruition this year with quite a few waves of our magic wand, along with muscle work, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and installers, tile workers, illegals, etc. Micah was stationed at Camp Pollard during this venture.

Micah joined up with us last Christmas and was part of our home until October of this year when he moved to Costa Rica. Yes, he lives in Central America now. He is there to become fluent in Spanish and live like a Tico.   It was wonderful having him live home after being gone for 5 years.

Eli continues to live just outside Denver, CO. He worked contract for an oil and gas company in downtown Denver all this year.   He enjoyed the commute to work each day on the light rail train that the Denver Metro completed last year. He said it was like being a little kid each day as he hopped on the train at a station about 2 miles from his apartment.

Eli and Steve continue to pursue hunting as a hobby. Eli or his hunting buddies did not get an elk, but Steve did kill Bambi on November 1, 2014. If you come to visit here at 3406 Pollard Dr., then it might be venison chili, not chili. Kim, the non venison lover, did make Steve and Eli happy when she ate the chili the two made from venison sausage and venison hamburger. Kim is willing to share the venison wealth even though it’s not hers to give.

It is now time to let each of you know about Princess Hannah. Princess Hannah continues to live in a castle in the motherland as she completes her college days at Syracuse University. Did we say castle? Well she lives in the third floor apartment, and her room has a window which now is a turret!   The place is like a castle in that it is cold and drafty. The princess was privileged to enjoy the winter there last year in a different castle. She did think an automatic car starter would be nice to warm up her coach before she left her apartment. If you know Steve and Kim Thompson, you know that this did not happen and Hannah did not save her pennies to do it herself. She works 2 part-time jobs to put food on the table…. oh, I mean Starbucks in her cup, plus pay for her other expenses. It is with great anticipation that she will return west of the Mississippi come May.

Steve and Kim continue at the same jobs as last year and consider themselves blessed to have employment which they enjoy.

Steve also had the adventure of cataract surgery in August on both eyes. He can now drive without contacts or glasses. He is now checking in with 20/20 vision without glasses.

With the completion of 2014 and the advent of Christmas may you find the love and peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil.4:7) alive and well in your hearts. Numerous prayers are said for each of you with this card and letter. Warmest Smiles, Kim and Steve


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