Kitchen Table

The new/old kitchen table.
The new/old kitchen table.

Our kitchen is well in use with a few things to complete this fall.

We went for an antique round table with Micah’s input.  Steve and I investigated buying a brand new table and chairs but Micah said that new furnature does not hold up like old so we were able to locate this Victorian round oak table in Henderson where Steve works.

We are enjoying eating our meals about this table and the old one that has been part of our family for 25 years and our kitchen counter for the present kitchen remodel will find its new home in our dining room.  Hopefully, Steve or Kim will carve the time this fall to refinish the top.  This will make my mom happy as she did not appreciate the “crustiness” of this table even before its task of being kitchen counter this spring and summer.

Please make your reservations for dinner at the Thompsons.  Seating is limited but now taking reservations for Thanksgiving.

PS– Please note the pretty tile.  We love our plank tile.  Guess it is time I go and mop it.


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