Happy Birthday, Patti!


Just me and my sister, Patti.
Just me and my sister, Patti.


Sorry this is late(that is what happens when I work) but happy belated birthday.  Thank you for being my big sister.  You are the best.

I love you,


Today, July 11 (ok, you can see this is 6 days late) is my big sister’s birthday.  I am extremely blessed to have a sister like Patricia Ann Gressel.  As I grow older I find my relationship with her growing deeper.  We have numerous things in common with the most prevalent being we share the same career, both are registered nurses.  She is known by everyone in the Chemung county area and regions beyond.  A year ago I was with her, her husband Bob and my mother.  They took me to Watkins Glenn for a birthday dinner cruise.  Someone at the place knew Patti.



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View of life from Kim's perspective. I love life and find joy in making people's days. I also using this blog to be the CMS for our photos, my and my fams life and expeditions. Our exploring is done by air, plane, car and boat along with other modes for our excursions. Sometimes our escapes are right at home.

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