New Kitchen — Post 2

The pictures at the bottom of this post show our make up kitchen.

Why the house across the street being the featured image?  It is because we have gone there for dinner being Keith and Linda feel sorry for us not having a kitchen.  Have to say it is fun just walking across the street to have dinner at someone’s home.  They have a very nice kitchen.


The goal was cabinets in by July 4th.  Not going to happen.  This is what happens when we work as general contractors.

Keep enjoying your summer.


Published by: Trekking Thompson's

View of life from Kim's perspective. I love life and find joy in making people's days. I also using this blog to be the CMS for our photos, my and my fams life and expeditions. Our exploring is done by air, plane, car and boat along with other modes for our excursions. Sometimes our escapes are right at home.

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