My Strawberry!

Green strawberryMy gardening continues this spring and here is the first of the season, strawberry.  I planted the plants, last year, in several containers on our patio and then proceeded to ignore them excluding watering them once a week.  They survived the winter and instead of straw about their roots, it was leaves that landed at their feet for the winter.  Behold I now have strawberries.  Not enough to freeze or make strawberry short cake.  Just enough to make me smile.


Published by: Trekking Thompson's

View of life from Kim's perspective. I love life and find joy in making people's days. I also using this blog to be the CMS for our photos, my and my fams life and expeditions. Our exploring is done by air, plane, car and boat along with other modes for our excursions. Sometimes our escapes are right at home.

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