Mona Lisa and Moon Pie Mardi Gras Parade

A southern specialty.
A picture of one of the moon pies we caught at the parade. This was a family friendly parade.

Dear Betsy and Jim,

A week ago, this evening, Steve and I went to Slidell, Louisiana for the Mona Lisa and Moon Pie Mardi Gras Parade.  I thought of how you two would love this parade because of the jazz music played by the bands.  I wished I knew a few jazz steps so I could of did a little dance to the music.

The Yankee side of Steve and I came out as we waited for the parade to start.  When it comes to Mardi Gras parades, we found out this trip that if the start time of a parade is 6 pm do not plan on it starting to at least 7:10 pm.  This was the way the parade was Saturday night and then the noon parade on Sunday in Metairie, Louisiana (city just slightly north of New Orleans).  Steve wanted to leave at 7:20pm if the parade was not started yet and fortunately he was able to start eating Moon Pies at 7:10pm.

The Mona Lisa and Moon Pie is a walking parade, meaning there are no motorized vehicles or big floats in this parade.  There was 5 jazz bands which I have in the pictures.

I think I will quit for now.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks for looking!

As always,



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